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Central European Time

Anytime I cross the Atlantic, I feel I was given the ulitmaite gift. The abundance of character and diversity all within a stones throw is overwhelming in the most inspiring way possible- I want to go shoot in as many cities as possible each trip. 

Most of these shots are from the hilly Buda side of the city which offers that picturesque European imagery. I found myself hanging in hills more so than the lower bustling Pest but the food was great everywhere. 

My home away from home. Third visit to my favorite country where the warmth and generosity of the people is unrivialed. I dove deeper into the country side and checked out the fastest growing city in Serbia, Bačka Palanka, while spending time with friends in Novi Sad and the small village of Rumenka. I will probably have my wedding here. Please visit Serbia- a country I think about everyday. 

A city that is not conducive to sleeping but somehow you wake up fresh and do it all over again. A special thanks to Casa Independente  for the hospitality and providing evenings that can't be replicated in an era of mass production and routine. 

photoRyan Sidhoo